Blending Hammer Retro-Fit Option


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Here is the Blending Hammer Retro-fit option.  Do you have one of the original Mesquite blending hammers and would like to upgrade to the carbon handle?  If so, the blending hammer retro-fit is for you.  This is what you will need to do.  You must ship the hammer head back to DruzToolz.   Remove your hammer head from the mesquite handle and ship it back to DruzToolz.    I will need to machine the hole in the original blending hammer head for the carbon handle to fit on the blending hammer retro-fit.  I will clean up the polished tip, put the new carbon handle in original blending hammer head and return ship it to you.

You can change the length of the blending hammer retro-fit.  The standard 12″ will be installed unless noted in your order.  Please write in the note section or email me  if you would like a longer hammer.  For fastest turn around for your blending hammer this should be a fall/winter project.  During the spring and summer, I may be out on a hail storm and this might sit for a while.

This is not a handle only for sale.  The carbon handles are not for individual sale.  This is for customers that already have a mesquite hammer and would like the upgrade.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 4 × 4 in


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