Carbon Fiber Blending Hammer

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This Carbon Fiber Blending Hammer is very strong and extremely light.  It has the same great balance as the original Mesquite wood hammer.  The Carbon fiber blending hammer has a stainless steel head with a finely polished tip with a soft radius. The other side is threaded for multi-weighted tips that are interchangeable. This threads with the industry standard DC tips. By alternating the tips you can adjust the weight of the hammer from 2.2oz/ 62 g with out tip to a heavier option with the tip of your choice. The polished side can be used as a stainless steel knock down.  It is very well balanced with an ergonomic handle that rolls well in the palm of your hand.  The carbon fiber blending hammer is my every day use hammer.  I use a soft tip for striking my knock down and to blend large crowns and eyebrows.   The fixed stainless steel polished side I use for blending rails.  I like the smaller diameter because I can see the area easier.  This hammer comes without a tip.  Please view our tips to complete your hammer.   The carbon handle is made of multi directional and multi layered carbon fiber.  The handles are hand laid carbon and built in the United States of America.

Available in the following lengths: 12 inch,  18 inch,  24 inch

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8 reviews for Carbon Fiber Blending Hammer

  1. Riversidedentremoval (verified owner)

    Best pdr hammer ever made. The design and balance of it really makes it easy to use all day with little fatigue. Highly recommended!

  2. Lew freeman

    Seriously the best blending hammer on the market. Extremely light weight. Perfect balance and the carbon fiber looks cool. I literally use it every single day.

  3. Joel Mathis (verified owner)

    This blending hammer is a true must have. From its light weight to its multi tip head. The versatility of this and durability makes it a tool that will be in the cart for years to come. Few other blending hammers make it into the day to day use as this one does. The stainless steel sharp end can be polished if nicked or molded to fit your tech style for knocking down the highs or blending those rails.

  4. Husker Hail and Dent Inc. (verified owner)

    This Is an Awsome hammer. I love the blalance, the carbon fiber handle puts all the weight in the head which gives you great control and precise accuracy. I use this hammer everyday. i put a broad head and use it with my carbos fiber knock down as well. The pair goes well together. The hammer is great for blending or just reaching out and knocking down a high without a knock down. I will be getting the extended versions soon to replace my other extended hammers. No forearm fatigue, accurate light weight, And pretty damn cool looking. The best hammer out there.

  5. Matt Moore

    Best blending hammer on the market. I actually own one with the wooden handle (i bought before the carbon fiber was offered). I love the ‘bounce’ that you get from this hammer. I’ve purchased a couple of others and even tried to make my own, but that was all in vein. Drew’s really is the absolute best. I find that I blend more (and better) than I ever used to. Love it! Thanks again!

  6. Daniel Bolin

    I own two different sizes on the handles of this amazing hammer !! Have not every had one second thought that I should have not bought these hammers !! Best money spent light weight and friendly to use It has made blending easier and faster and I have made hammer for myself before but had to put them away because these hammers just make sense !!! Thanks Drew

  7. Jonathan Jerry

    The Druz Toolz blending hammer has revolutionized my PDR. I have been able to master freehand blending with this hammer. I have been using this hammer without exception for the last 5 years straight. I wouldn’t dream of performing PDR without the use of Druz Toolz blending hammer. It has been my most borrowed tool out of everything on my tool cart. Once someone sees the finished product and realizes that it was done without a knockdown, but just the Druz Toolz hammer they immediately get online and order their own. If any one tool could transform someone’s career in PDR and speed up their ability to do flawless work this Druz Toolz blending hammer is that tool. If you don’t own one yet then get ready to love what you do all over again!

  8. Mark McCormick (verified owner)

    I have the 18″ blending hammer from Drew and absolutely love it! I have tried other hammers and will say I like the feel and balance of this one by far. The extra reach is fantastic if you work in glasses like I do. Thanks Drew, keep up the good work.

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