Carbon Fiber Slide Hammer


What to see the best slide hammer on the market?  DruzToolz Carbon fiber slide hammer come in short and song carbon fiber slide hammers.  Both offer multiple weights.

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The new carbon fiber slide hammer is outstanding.  The carbon fiber slide hammer come in two lengths, short or long.   The short is the same stroke as the Druz stainless steel slider, but overall length is about 1.5″ longer because of new internals.   Both have carbon covered shafts and carbon slide walls so there is no metal on metal wear.   This slide hammer has the same travel as the Tiddy Tools slide hammer from Germany (my first slide hammer design).

For the short slider hammer there are four different weight options, but they only attach to the back end of the slider.  The two that come with it are the smallest cap weight and the long weight like pictured.   There are two more weights for the short slider that can be purchased on the weights page.  One is the large diameter or the stand weight.  Put the stand weight on the shorty and it will sit straight up on your cart.  The second is TBA later.

The Long carbon slider has the option to have a weight on the front of the slider and on the back at the same time or no weights at all.   this slide hammer can be purchased with no weights,  with four weights, or pick the weights you want on the weight page. There will be six different weight options.

The length of the short slider compressed is 10″.  Extended is 13.5″ and it has a 3.5″ stroke.  The weight is 1.3 pounds or 595 grams without weights.  The two weights that come with this are 5.3 oz. or 150g for the small and 20oz or 571g

The long slider is 12″ when compressed, 18.25″ extended and has a 6.5″ stroke.  It weight is 1.49 pounds or 676 grams.   So this slide hammer can go from about 1.5 pounds to just over six pounds.

The weights that can be purchased with the long slider are.

Small    5.3 oz/150g

Large   20 oz/571g

Small Slot   15.5 oz/441g

Large Slot  32.4 oz/919g



Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 4 in
Length / Weights

Short two weights, Long – No Weights, Long – 2 Weights, Long – 4 Weights