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This slide hammer was introduced at the 2012 MTE as a show special.

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Druz Slide Hammer was introduced at the 2012 MTE as a show special. The MTE version had a polished aluminum head and a show price, the show special is over. This one has Stainless steel slide and weights with a machined/brushed finish aluminum head that grips all glue tabs, even the new atlas ones. This slider has an internal slider to reduce finger pinch. Druz Slide Hammer has rubber internal dampeners to cushion the impact and give a better pull instead of a hard snap when glue pulling. The length of travel in the slide is 3 1/2 inches, but glue pulling works from the weight impact not the length of travel. The length is 8 3/4 inches without any weights and 14 inches with the heavy weight and extended. The weight changes depending on your preference. The Slide Hammer comes with both small and large weight. The lightest is 1lb 14oz (854g) with the small weight it is 2lb 4 oz (1003g) and with the large weight it is 3lbs 2oz (1422g).

The slide hammer now comes with a carbon fiber slide.

Druz Slide Hammer wurde auf der MTE 2012 als Show-Special vorgestellt. Die MTE-Version hatte einen polierten Aluminiumkopf und einen Showpreis, das Show-Special ist vorbei. Dieser hier hat einen Edelstahlschlitten und Gewichte mit einem bearbeiteten/gebürsteten Aluminiumkopf, der alle Klebelaschen greift, sogar die neuen Atlas-Klebestreifen. Dieser Schieber hat einen internen Schieber, um das Einklemmen der Finger zu reduzieren. Druz Slide Hammer hat interne Gummidämpfer, um den Aufprall abzufedern und einen besseren Zug statt eines harten Schnappens beim Ziehen des Klebers zu geben. Die Länge des Verfahrwegs in der Rutsche beträgt 3 1/2 Zoll, aber das Ziehen des Klebers erfolgt durch die Gewichtsbelastung und nicht durch die Länge des Verfahrwegs. Die Länge beträgt 8 3/4 Zoll ohne Gewichte und 14 Zoll mit dem schweren Gewicht und ausgefahren. Das Gewicht ändert sich je nach Vorliebe. Der Gleithammer ist sowohl mit kleinem als auch mit großem Gewicht erhältlich. Das leichteste wiegt 854 g (1 lb 14 oz), das kleine Gewicht 1003 g (2 lb 4 oz) und das große Gewicht 1422 g (3 lb 2 oz).

Der Gleithammer kommt jetzt mit einem Kohlefaserschlitten.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 6 × 6 in

8 reviews for Druz Slide Hammer

  1. Husker Hail and Dent Inc. (verified owner)

    This slide hammer is great. i like the compact design. works perfect for the small dent that dont need to be pulled with alot of force because you can really controll the force. It doesn’t take a lot of space on the tool cart either, which is very imprtant to me. Takes a little while to get used to it cause the travel of the slide is shorter. But it works great and it is high quality. The interchangeable weights on the end is a nice touch if you need a little more pull power.

  2. Matt Moore (verified owner)

    Last season I borrowed a friend’s ‘Druz Slide Hammer’. I literally stopped after pulling 2 dings on a rail and bought my own. The slide is so smooth, the weight is nearly perfect, and I really cant believe how much pull I get for such a small slide (relatively speaking). It really is perfect for hail. I’ve only used my old steel slide once since I got this one and that was just because i needed to yank the shit out of a sharp door ding. The druz slide really makes it almost hard to “over-pull” the metal. You can tell this was designed by a dent guy that knew what the hell he was doing. Thanks Drew.

    Note: I like that the weight of the slide is interchangeable if you need a heavier or lighter pull. I’ve never not used the heavy one, but its still pretty cool.

  3. Advanced Dent (verified owner)

    By far, hands down best slide hammer. Referred this slide to a few friends, now they are trying to figure out how to repay me. Very easy on the shoulders and elbows. You can bang out rail after rail with ease. Do not wait any longer to add this to your cart. Do it.

  4. Brian Tuma (verified owner)

    This slide hammer is awesome!! Compact in size with different weight options for the end. fits the hand great with a positive grip so you can feel the pull. Plus just look at it, it’s a work of art!

  5. Daniel Bolin

    I also own one of these and have lots of techs try it out and went on to purchase one for themselves !! Another well thought out and made tool !!

  6. Daniel Bolin

    There is one other tool I love and need to have another for jet set bag is not on site at this time but love it !!! The yellow stinger is what I call it !!! As soon as he has them back on I will be buying another one !!

  7. Mike McGowan

    I bought this slide hammer about a year based off the reviews and honestly it just looks bad ass! Once I started using it I couldn’t believe it actually works even better than it looks. It just feels like you’re doing precision work with it instead of some big slide that feels like you’re a monkey learning to use tools. It’s so compact it fits easily into a small tool bag with all my glue pulling stuff. Thanks for a great design.

  8. Mark McCormick

    Absolutely the best slide hammer out there! Just get one!

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