Druz Travel Hail Rod

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It has two 24 inch sections, one 30 inch, a 6inch tip and handle.

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The Druz Travel Hail Rod. It has two 24 inch sections, one 30 inch, a 6inch tip and handle. The handle helps to give your hand an orientation to the tip position. The Druz Travel Hail Rod handle can also be used to help grip the rod when tightening or breaking it loose to change lengths. The six inch tip has been customized to front load a door strap with 2 inch ring.  This Hail rod now has a carbon fiber front section to give better balance.  This will help reduce weight for travel and reduce fatigue after a long day of pushing.

No Tips are included. 

UPDATE:  The front 24 inch section is now carbon fiber.  It helps with the balance of the rod.  

No more unscrewing your rod to hang it or leaving your door strap on your rod when your finished. The two Twenty-fours are hollow to help reduce weight. The 30 is solid to give strength at the leverage point when extended the full seven foot. The handle helps to relieve arm fatigue by relaxing your grip so you don’t have to use a death grip to control the tip. The handle moves the length of the bar and has an infinite number of positions and angles.

Length 84 inches/ 7 feet/ 2.13 meters
Weight 5 lb. 6.8 oz/ 2.463 Kg

Tips for use:

  • Work all of the dent from the shortest distance first, then cross check and dress up the lows at the longer lengths.
  • Use the solid Thirty inch section in the middle of the two Twenty-fours for less flex at the longest length.
  • Don’t loan a tool to someone more than twice. If they need to borrow a tool a third time they NEED to buy one and stop using your tools to make their money.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 4 × 4 in


1 review for Druz Travel Hail Rod

  1. Joe Thompson

    I have used this rod on nearly 400+ vehicles without “ANY” issues, well built, easy to break down and very reliable, my #1 tool I use…

    Joe Thompson / INDENT USA LLC

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