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The Game Changer is a solid carbon rod with billet Aluminum handle and billet head.

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The Game Changer is a solid carbon rod with billet Aluminum handle and billet head. This tool is 40 inches.   This tool has almost no flex and is incredibly strong.  It is so light. Its length is  101.6 cm and it weighs 14oz/400gr without tips.  It uses industry standard 5/16-18 threaded tips.  All DruzToolz tips or DentCraft tips will fit this rod.    It comes without tips.  After pushing on a roof all day with it you will forget you have it in your hand.   This is a game changer for DruzToolz because this is the first all in house machined tool.  Complete your purchase by checking out our tip section on the website.  We have Titanium, Stainless, Plastic, Peek, Match Grade, and more.


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 6 × 7 in

5 reviews for Game Changer

  1. Dan Bolin

    I have made this new to my tool collection and do not regret it . It is light weight stiff , I don’t really even notice any flex, and the quality on craftsman ship is top on the line Druz killed it they never disappoint !! Thanks Drew !!

  2. Brian Tuma (verified owner)

    This is a must have rod- lightweight for sure with no noticeable flex. The ice pick tip itself is worth it’s weight in gold. Top of the line carbon quality and craftsmanship just like all of Druz Carbon Toolz!

  3. Mike McGowan

    Unbelievably light weight plus no noticeable flex. The carbon is cool but the machining done on the aluminum ends is top notch as well. The ice pick tip makes matching orange peel seem easy. Great tool, great quality, and I feel at a real fair price. Thanks.

  4. Jonathan Jerry

    Best money spent on tools in ten years! I have bought many tools that worked well, but they have been prone to rust and they can add up to a very heavy load to carry in a tool bag or case. Not these new carbon fiber rods. They are strong enough to push out large oversized dents, and yet lighter that prime rib that you’d order at Longhorn Steakhouse. It’s amazing to have tools this strong that were just not available back when I learned Pdr. Thanks to these new carbon fiber tools tomorrow’s technology is available today! Steel rods no longer make as much sense as carbon fiber. What’s next, a carbon fiber tool cart?

  5. Josh Stickland

    Wow, I love this new pimp stick. I’ve showed every dent guy that I’ve seen. It’s a must have. Extremely stiff and unbelievably light. Buy it, just buy it.

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