Pimp Stick/Solid Carbon Hail Rod

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The Pimp Stick is a solid carbon rod with billet Aluminum handle and billet double sided head.

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The Pimp Stick is a solid carbon rod with billet Aluminum handle and billet double sided head. This tool is 47 inches long/121.9 cm and weighs 16oz/500gr without tips.  The Pimp Stick is the long one in the picture.

All 5/16-18 threaded tips will work with this.      It comes without tips.

This tool has almost no flex and is incredibly strong.  It is so lightweight after pushing on a roof all day with it you will forget you have it in your hand.   This is a game changer for DruzToolz because this is the first all in house machined tool.  Complete your purchase by checking out the tip section on our website.  Whether you are looking for Titanium, Stainless, Plastic, Peek, Aluminum, or Match Grade, we have it all.

No Tips Included.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 8 × 8 in

11 reviews for Pimp Stick/Solid Carbon Hail Rod

  1. Dan Bolin

    I also added this one to the collection and feel the same !! I will not be letting this one sit in the box it will be used at all times very light , very strong , and very well made !!! and if you do not use it it looks good !!! Lol

  2. Brian Tuma (verified owner)

    The pimp is a game changer as well. same high quality carbon fiber and top of the line craftsmanship as Druz other Toolz! Work smarter not harder.

  3. Mike McGowan

    As a route guy who does an occasional hail car using these new rods from Drew makes me wanna do hail jobs every day. The light weight, the professional machining, the ice pick tip, and the cool factor of carbon make these tools every pdr tech should have in their truck. Thanks for the great product and the desire to keep turning out innovative products.

  4. Jonathan Jerry

    These new carbon fiber rods are well worth the money! No more rusty tools. They are super strong, but so light weight that you have to experience using them to believe the difference. The future is here. It was only a dream to have carbon fiber tools before now. They travel so light that you will think you forgot your tools because the storage bag is so light. If you ever board a flight to travel to work domestic hailstorms or international hailstorms these new carbon fiber rods are a “must have”.

  5. Jason Reese

    A must have rod in my opinion. I am extremely impressed on how strong and light weight this rod is. Quality machining no doubt! Thank you Druz Toolz!

  6. Mark McCormick (verified owner)

    Well I will say the new 48″ rod from Drew is all it is said to be. Light,very stiff, and well made. Well take me a bit get used to a light rod, been using the dentcraft 48″ for so long. I am sure it will make a long day pushing roofs much easier. Thanks Drew!

  7. Jeff sandefur

    I was total shocked at how light this rod was and the fact it has zero flex when pushing hard which correlates into no slipping and much faster repair times. I have tried several other carbon fiber rods and they were nothing like this , bar none the best carbon rod made.

  8. Gene Clark (verified owner)

    I’m really impressed with the pimp stick, it’s light, strong, and with the ice pick tip it comes with its easy to be pinpoint accurate. This is not my first tool from Druz Toolz and it wont be the last.

  9. Tony Brennan

    The 4 foot roof rod is invaluable for hail So light but so stiff. No effort is wasted in tool flex. The pinp stick will be joining Shorty on the hail trail

  10. Greg Sproat

    The Pimp Stick will backhand any dent that tries to talk back. As the industry changes, so have the tools and the Pimp Stick gets top marks for strength, diversity and weight. A must have for international techs and a gotta have it for techs in the States. A sincerely great rod!!

  11. Matt McNally

    Can’t say enough about the “Pimp Stick”! Bought the 48″ at the MTE and now it’s become my go to tool. I feel far less fatigued having put it to the test on thousands of dents over the last months. Dialed it in with my favorite tips and BOOM. Buy it! Guaranteed it will replace your former “money tool”. Thanks Drew for a superior tool! I guess old dogs can learn new tricks…

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