Robo Lite 2 LED PDR light


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Robo Lite 2 LED PDR light


Here it is THE Robo Lite. This is the best travel light in the world.

The end.

This light can do what no other light can.
The fastest light to set up when you get to a job
It folds in on itself to travel. One piece. No legs to disassemble. No little knobs to get lost. No parts that can be misplaced.
It will go as high as you need to be working, as tall as a paint booth. No one wants to work that high. Think Mercedes Sprinter.
Did I mention it weighs about as much as an original Würth slide hammer?? Well maybe not that lite, but it is approximately 16 pounds
The Light two rows with six LED strips. Warm white, a bright white and an RGB strip that will do any color you would want.
Touch pad dimmers to adjust to the conditions of the of the light for the shop you are in. These dimmers give the sickest fade you have ever seen.
RoBo lite comes with a battery tray and we recommend a EXT16 battery that can be found at O’Reilly Auto Parts and Auto Zone..
Robo Lite stand folds as small as 38 inches. Extends to 8 foot 9 inches tall. 0.97m/2.6m
If you want the best collapsible one-piece LED light this is it. If you want a 30-pound multi-piece boat anchor go buy the other guys light.
RGB color changing strip is now standard.


LED PDR LIGHT, Hail Light, Door Ding Paintless dent repair

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 14 × 14 in


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