3.5″ Carbon Fiber Knock Down

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These are the left over carbon shafts from the blending hammers. The 3.5 carbon fiber knock down has an aluminum strike plate, a six pound magnet, and comes in a variety of tips. There are parting lines that run the length and some of these tips might need a quick polish when it gets to you. The Length is 3.5″.   The Colored Tips DO NOT interchange.  The Tip options are Root Beer, and Black. The Black is not nylon or delrin.

The changeable tip works with DC and DZ tips. The changeable tip knock down does not come with a tip.  The Changeable tip knock down is 3 inches long.

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4 reviews for 3.5″ Carbon Fiber Knock Down

  1. Lew freeman

    The short carbon fiber knockdown not only looks cool but works. I use the amber tipped one on a daily basis and the fact it’s magnetized doesn’t hurt either.

  2. Andrew Kinsey (verified owner)

    This is my go to knockdown. Love that it’s carbon with a magnet inside to stick to the panel your working. I love the black tip the most no marking or scratching. Very smooth knockdown perfect weight and again made out of high quality parts and engineering. Add it to your arsenal u won’t be disappointed

  3. Husker Hail and Dent Inc. (verified owner)

    This is a great knock down. I love the carbon fiber it looks cool , and works great. Proboably the most efficient knock down i have ever had. the design seems to evenly distribute the impact which makes it more precise. I dont use any other knock downs anymore. The magnet is great keeps it from rolling off a roof, Holds it to a rail. or anywhere you are working. pretty great idea. I use the blacktip and havent had any problems at all. A must Have!!

  4. Matt Moore (verified owner)

    Only knock downs I will use. I was taught to knock down using a polished metal punch, I was very reluctant to swap to plastic tips. Every one i used would nick up the paint and would slip every time I tapped. After using Druz Carbon Fibers, I cant go back. I seriously am so much of a better dent man with these things. I’ve bought them all but I seem to like the cream the best for my game. The cores having a built in magnet just adds to the coolness. Every dent guy should be using these! Thanks again!

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