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It is 16 inches long 1 inch diameter and has about 13 inches of work space.

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The Grab Bar is a new leverage point for windows. It is 16 inches long 1 inch diameter and has about 13 inches of work space. Hang this in between the door and the roof weather seal. Place it once and you will not have to move it like a window ring till you are finished with the section of the roof. Get two for a sedan and speed up your pace on a roof buy not having to readjust leverage points.  The grab bar now comes with removable pins so the straps can be removed or replaced if needed.  The pins pull out by screwing one of your tips into it.  Once the pins are pulled you can reverse the straps to use it as a smooth bar or a bar with the scallops.

It comes with two straps, one bar, two delrin pins, and two aluminum pins.  


Additional information

Weight 1.30 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 4 in


4 reviews for Grab Bar

  1. Andrew Kinsey

    This grab bar is awesome. I used the ring kind for years. With this bar you can get access to the whole section of roof panel with out havering to slide or open door to slide it’s all there to make you faster and more money.

  2. Matt Moore (verified owner)

    Can’t express how much I love this damn thing! it effing rocks. The size is perfect for hooking in a door and being able to access the entire panel. No more hooking and unhooking a ring or ‘s-hook’. I especially love the small grooves for laying your tool in. I always hated the way a tool would slide if it was worked against a straight straight leverage bar. These grooves really make all the difference. You will NOT REGRET getting adding this to your arsenal. Really a must-have! Thanks again Drew!

  3. Kip

    One of my favorite tool purchases. Increased my speed pushing roofs tremendously.

  4. Advanced Dent (verified owner)

    Awesome hanger. Can slide my hail rod in with the ice pick and it fits! You can really rock a hail job with this thing. Speeds the job up because you don’t have to stop and move it around. Do yourself a favor and get two. On a sedan, you will thank yourself for the time savings.

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