Little Reds necks By Robo Lite


9mm 10 pack

9D 10 pack

11mm 10 pack

11D  10 pack

13mm 10 pack

13D  10 pack


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Robo Tab by Robo Light has a variety of shapes and sizes for all your needs. These little neck glue tabs make pinpoint accuracy with a slide hammer without the worry of the first stroke snap like some tabs on the market.   Try them now and don’t forget to order some Killshot Polish Honey Glue to go with the tabs and a Tab Bag to hold onto your purchase while working on a car.  The sample pack contains 12 tabs-two of each size.

I have been told these hit harder if you rub the face on some red scotch-brite first.  


Sizes of round from smallest to largest.  The “D” means domed face.  the standards are a flat face.


  1.  9flat mm 10 pack
  2. 9D 10 pack
  3. 11flat mm 10 pack
  4. 11D  10 pack
  5. 13flat mm 10 pack
  6. 13D  10 pack




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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 3 in

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